Growth Over the years

Registered in the year 1966, the association has now completed 40 years of glorious and adventurous existence. From humble beginnings with a few ropes borrowed from the Fire Department, the association today has built up a sizeable store and membership base. This is a stupendous achievement for a voluntary body, made possible by a steady stream of members and dedicated volunteers.

The association has scores of members who have successfully completed Basic, Advance and MOI Mountaineering courses conducted by the various Mountaineering Institutes. Some have completed skiing, skydiving, para-sailing and para-gliding courses as well. Many trained members have served as guest instructors for courses conducted by the Mountaineering Institutes at Darjeeling, Uttarkashi and Manali. Senior members have accompanied foreign expedition teams as liaison officers and a few have been conferred with the State and Dasara awards given by the Government of Karnataka (One Rajyotsava and Seven Dasara).

The rock belts of Karnataka have found mention in international adventure journals. In recent years a host of climbers from Italy, Britain, France, etc have visited these rock belts. The association has helped them on their trips. Over the years the association grew from strength to strength and its activities spread to such an extent that many adventure clubs have sprouted and are functioning today.

Today, we have the expertise to organise full scale Himalayan Ventures. Till Date, the association has successfully organised 62 expeditions. Though the association had members who were keen in their desire and confident of their capabilities, it had to undergo a lot of hardship and hurdles in its nascent years. The association owes its eminence to the support given over the years by well known personalities like Late K. A. Nettakallappa (1966-70), Brig.V.P.Naib (1970-74) and Late Mr.Kondajji Basappa (1974-1982). Mr.T. S.Krishna Murthy was the president during 1983-84. Since 1984, Mr.M.Bhaktavatsala is in charge. With the unstinted co-operation of the members and successive Secretaries, viz., Mrs.Usha Ramaiah, Mr.D.S.B.Naidu, Mr.Sudhir Kumar Mehta, Mr.Radhakrishna, Mr.Dinesh Baliga, Mr.K.R.Lavaraju, Late Mr.B.G.Naganath, Mr.Keshavdas, Late Mr.K.V.Mohan, Dr. B. K. Chakrapani and presently Mr. S. Srivatsa , the Association has grown in leaps and bounds to its present premier position in the state.

During the year 2000, the association put up a shibir aptly named as the Tenzing Norgay Shibir at the Sahasotsava (adventure carnival) jointly organised by the National Geographic Channel and the Karnataka State.Tourism.Dev.Corpn., in the Palace Grounds, Bangalore and was adjudged the MOST ECO FRIENDLY SHIBIR. The NGC presented the association with a survival kit as a momento.