Wondering in what way the outdoors could help you? Well read on. Outdoors is nothing but outbound education. Outdoors is a vast open, unbounded arena of enjoyment and learning. Trekking and camping is just one-way of exploring the wilderness. However, it is unique in the sense, that as you explore and enjoy the wilderness, you also explore your inner self. History is replete with exploits of great adventurers. Just a walk in the jungle can be of immense educative value – for, the flora and fauna, the insect life, the topography, the terrain etc offer ample scope to observe and learn.

People of all strata of society, with varied interests – be he a doctor, a zoologist, a botanist, an engineer, a photographer, an architect, a student or just a plain adventure lover could come out enriched with knowledge and experience. Present times have made the outdoors relevant all the more. The revolution we are witness to, today, in all fields that affect our lives, have made us slaves of technology.

Today, anything – food, a cab, medical attention, travel and movie tickets and even shopping is just a call or a click away. The current generation is not exposed to real life situations. Result – they do not know their strengths, weaknesses, limitations etc. The answer is outdoors. Survival in this present world of cutthroat competition, has taken its toll on each one of us, from the school going kid to the fast track professional, stress and stress related disorders are the order of the day. Trekking, camping and other adventure activities are great stress busters.

It is here that the Karnataka Mountaineering Association takes pride in having organized scores & scores of programmes, both local as well as the Himalayan, wherein thousands have benefited. All adventure activities when undertaken in a group, involve a lot of give and take, self-help, mutual care & concern etc. Participation in outdoor adventure activities helps one in assessing his / her strengths, (physical & mental) & limitations. We feel so small in the midst of nature that all humane characteristics are brought out in full. No wonder then, it is said that a human being becomes more civilized when away from civilization. Participation in adventure activities has an important bearing in moulding our character.Material wealth alone will not help us have a satisfying life. It can improve our style of living, but cannot improve the way we live. Periodic forays into the outdoors can bridge this gap to a great extent.

So why wait, get out, see, enjoy and explore the natural world – what better way, than through, the Karnataka Mountaineering association, an association, in the field since 1966.

Mind you , he who dares nothing shall hope for nothing.


Annual: Rs.250/- per annum
Life: Rs.2,000/- (Membership Form)


  • It has come to our notice that some individuals are organizing / conducting programmes by mobilizing participants using the goodwill of the association. Prospective participants are hereby cautioned to inquire about the veracity & genuineness of the programmes by contacting the secretary Sri S. Srivatsa on 9845093836.
  • Insist on an official receipt every time a payment is made to the association.
  • Payments shall be made either by cheque or DD drawn in favour of the Karnataka Mountaineering Association, Bangalore only.
  • Do not draw cheque,/ DD favouring any individual.
  • Cash payments are received only in the association office.